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For nearly fifteen years now, the shareholders and executives at ONET have placed responsible development at the very heart of their strategy.

In 2016, the Group is once again affirming its commitment to re-evaluate its economic model and design propositions that generate value shared by all.
Year after year, Onet’s commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are carried out through our responsible practices, the main actions and performance indicators of which can be found in the Responsible Development report 2015 and summarised on this site.

A dashboard consolidating key indicators enables us to monitor the implementation of our “Future Begins Today” policy at group level and for our core businesses. This helps us to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders, but most of all, our customers.

Finally, through our social, environmental and societal commitments, ONET continues to promote the principles of the Global Compact, namely the defence of human rights, labour law, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Commitments of the Shareholders and Management Board

Responsible Development Report 2015


Key Indicators

he indicators enable us to measure the efficiency of the actions which were put in place as a result of the commitments and practices adopted during the «The future begins today» campaign and of the evaluation of the issues and risks inherent to operating centres.
ONET’s indicators, consolidated for the Group and  the Poles,  can be viewed on our dedicated web page.


Key Indicators

Piloting the CSR policy

In order to facilitate its Responsible Development approach and to provide the right responses to the issues at stake in its various businesses, Onet set up a cross-organisational structure common to all its business units in 2002.
The Responsible Development Steering Committee is run by the Responsible Development Directorate under the chair of Elisabeth Coquet-Reinier, chair of Holding Reinier. The mission of this steering committee is to reflect on strategic orientations guiding Onet’s social responsibility policy, and to validate priority projects in the light of the challenges to be faced. It also draws together the various functional departments that participate in the compilation of this report.

The group’s Responsible Development directorate is charged with the operational deployment of the Responsible Development policy throughout Onet’s different business units. Its missions are listed below:

Piloting the CSR policy

The future begins today

Responsible Development Report

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